Ancient Tradition, Modern Wine

The Winemakers

“Wine production is the proper place for the ripe and excellent fruit that grow in the vineyard.”

The team of vintners listens to the song of the terroir and connects to the tune of the dominant, intense flavors created by the desert. All elements are then blended together, producing a sweet harmony. Our winemaker, Dana Benny, works with Californian wine consultant, Kerry Damskey, an expert in terroirs that present extreme growing conditions, yet are beneficial for cultivating wine grapes.

Dana Beny – Vintner

“In essence, I am a realist.
What captivates and interests me in this field, is the integration of art and science during wine production. To me, that is the beauty of the world of wine.” Dana’s initiation to the wine industry occurred already during her childhood, in the home of her Italian parents, great wine aficionados.

He academic career commenced with a degree in biomedical engineering. After three years working in the field, she made a change, which unknowingly led her to work outdoors with nature and the land, and not in an enclosed office, as she had done until then.

Dana holds a degree in oenology and viticulture from the University of Florence in Italy. During the course of her studies, she came to Israel to work the harvests at the Recanati Winery, and then in Saint-Émilion in Bordeaux. Following her graduation, she returned to Israel and worked for a period at the Amphora Winery, after which she immediately continued on to a new harvest in South Africa.

On joining the team at Nana Winery in 2016, she accompanied Kerry, Nana’s wine consultant, for the harvest season in Sonoma, California.

Kerry Damskey – Wine Consultant

Kerry Damskey holds a B.S. in Fermentation Sciences from UC Davis, California. Kerry and his wife, Daisy, together with their son, are vintners and the owners of Palmeri Wine in California – a premium boutique winery.

Kerry has served as Nana Winery’s professional consultant since its establishment and visits Israel several times a year. He is a specialist in terroirs that present extreme growing conditions. At present, after accumulating more than 30 years’ experience in the wine industry, he is active in various countries, which are home to varied and diverse terroirs, among which are California USA, Costa Rica, Israel, and India.

He adheres to the concept that wine is produced in the vineyard: “The duty of the vintner is to express a style and not the identity which dwells in the grapes.”