The Story of a Pioneer

The Visitors' Center

We Invite you to visit us at the heart of the Negev Desert

Wine Tasting: 60 NIS

Includes 3 wine tastings

45 minutes

After the wine tasting experience you are welcome to purchase a bottle of wine, some cheese, and sit around the vineyard to enjoy them.

*Visiting is only during open hours
*Entering the vineyards are obligated by purchasing wine tastings
*After the wine tastings you have the option of purchasing a wine bottle and cheeses and enjoying them at our vineyard location
*Cheese and crackers are 40 NIS
*Sitting areas are by vacancy
*Reservations are needed only for 8 visitors and up
*No animals allowed in the property

Visiting hours

Sunday-Thursday: 12:00-15:00
Friday: 11:00-15:00
Saturday: Closed

Directions for WAZE: Nana Winery – Vineyard | Telephone: 0779386288

Tourism in Mitzpe Ramon

Now that you are in one of the country’s most beautiful regions, stay for a moment, and enjoy a day or two to marvel at the great wonders of nature, as well as the small, exciting gifts that Mitzpe Ramon has to offer: