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Food compatibility

  • RatatouilleRatatouille
  • CurryCurry
  • PizzaPizza
  • PastaPasta

The grapes were harvested at night by hand relatively late in the
growing season, thereby providing the wine with the intense
flavors and fragrances of ripe fruit. Following the fermentation in
stainless steel tanks, we increase the tank temperature and it
undergoes hot maceration with the skins for two weeks to produce
a full-bodied wine with a velvety texture. The wine ages for 18
months in French oak barrels, of which only half are new barrels.

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Aromas and Flavors

  • Black berriesBlack berries
  • PinePine
  • VioletViolet
  • Green pepperGreen pepper
  • Red cherriesRed cherries
  • Year harvested
  • Style
  • Varieties
    50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Syrah, 8% Petit Syrah, 8% Petit Verdot
  • Vineyard
    Nana Mizpe Ramon
  • Harvest
    Hand picked
  • Alcohol
  • Potential for ageing
Body Light Full
Acidity High Low
Sweetness Dry Sweet