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Cloudy | Pet Nat



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Food compatibility

  • Fried ColliflowerFried Colliflower
  • Salmon TatakiSalmon Tataki
  • Asparagus RisotoAsparagus Risoto

The grapes were harvested by hand during the cool night hours early in the season.
Upon arrival at the winery, they undergo pressing as whole clusters,
first fermentation in stainless steel tanks and then bottled with the addition of yeast
for a second fermentation in the bottle.
The yeast from the second fermentation in the bottle are not filtered.

Aromas and Flavors

  • YeastYeast
  • Yellow PlumYellow Plum
  • Red currantRed currant
  • GrapefruitGrapefruit
  • Year harvested
  • Style
    Pet Nat
  • Varieties
    100% Syrah
  • Vineyard
    Nana Mizpe Ramon
  • Harvest
  • Alcohol
  • Potential for ageing
Body Light Full
Acidity High Low
Sweetness Dry Sweet